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As Annabelle turned her head she spotted the needle taped into her arm, connected to a drip.In my experience it is always easiest to nod when you are not sure and I do this now.

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I even managed to get all the way to the toilet by myself last night.

Beautiful, as that six foot man wearing inch thick make up and a red tin hat.

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She reached for it, grimacing as her entire body jolted with pain.

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Two feathered waiters To the unknown icy depths: A true leap of faith.A215: Creative writing A230: Reading and studying literature.

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She dropped the letter to the ground in exhaustion and allowed her head to flop heavily on to the cold floor, as she felt darkness descend over her body.I have just received my first TMA (assignment) back from the University. 67 for my first score.

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She points to the chair by the bed and I lower myself gingerly until I can grip the armrests and take the weight of my body through my arms.Slowly, slowly my feet touch the cold smooth tiles and I gradually uncurl to an upright position.A215 - Creative Writing - Diary of a Gonna-Be Writer. in my own world misplaced in my own reality No longer sure where I was heading.Download Creative Writing: A Workbook with Readings pdf, epub, mobi, kindle Creative Writing is a complete writing course that will jump-start your writing and guide.

Creative Writing is a complete writing course that will jump-start your writing and guide you through your first steps towards publication.Final Year I am finally in my. (OES) on my last two modules, A215 Creative Writing and E301 The Art of English, dropped my marks from a 2.1 to a 2.2 for.With the stench of bleach blanketing her, she attempted another cry for help, this time the tears escaping her eyes.

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Her shaky hands struggled to hold the letter as she whispered its contents.

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I discovered this Blog site by accident, when browsing the Open University A215 Creative Writing conferences.Find great deals on eBay for creative writing and writing fiction.Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.All Annabelle knew was that she wanted to get as far away from him as possible.

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I try to ignore the feeling that my insides are being torn out and cautiously begin to move to a sitting position from which I can lower my legs to floor.Mar 12 2010 Published by Cathy under A215 Creative Writing, Open University, Poetry, TMA.So all that remains is TMA5 and the end of module assessment (EMA).

I thought that nothing could be more debilitating than the ninth month of pregnancy but right now I feel more like a geriatric elephant than a woman of twenty six years.A215 - creative writing - open university course This module is suitable for new writers as well as for those with some experience who would like to develop their skills.

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She had no knowledge of this man who seemed to know her well enough to give her a nickname.Live in a fully developed building with neighbors, or live privately with our new Themed Private Islands.

The nurse disappears only to return almost immediately with a feeding bottle.He tried to brush away the tears that were creeping down his face, never letting go of her hand.