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Christian Beliefs about Religions In recent years, Christianity has increasingly faced the question of whether or not salvation is found apart from Jesus Christ.Some religions argue against the state with the point that a fetus is not a living person.Order a custom Christianity research paper from Paper Masters.

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He used a language for this view sufficiently familiar to our comprehensions.His argument was based on whether the life of a child begin ate the point of conception or not.In proportion as mankind becomes wise — yes, in exact proportion to that wisdom — should be the extinction of the unequal system under which they now subsist.However it is submitted that these provisos, while well rationalised and well founded, do not alter the fact that in terms of general principle the Catholic church stands fore square against the concept of euthanasia.If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal.In fact their approach to abortion has been considered by other scholars and organizations as being the best as pointed out by SPUC (2010).The pro -life proponents also argue that the ability of a fetus to exist independently defines it as a person, there argument is based on the right to life and they believe that the fetus can live given time and good environment just like any other human beings.In a perfect world this commentator would agree with this view but this is not a perfect world and there are no perfect rules - at least it is submitted there are no rules perfect in application in every conceivable instance.

The great community of mankind had been subdivided into ten thousand communities, each organized for the ruin of the other.They however do not in any way condone the inappropriate, meaningless and taking of life.It is submitted that the Roman Catholic Church opposes the practice of euthanasia.That could have possibly meant the end of the Christian religion because the Christians could have died out with the empire.Jesus Christ expressly asserts that distinction between the good and evil principle which it has been the practice of all theologians to confound.The main argument is on when or at what stage does the state and religion consider a fetus to be a living being.They agree only in considering it the most awful and most venerable of names, as a common term devised to express all of mystery, or majesty, or power, which the invisible world contains.The constitutions of your faith and policy, although perfect in their origin, have become corrupt and altered, and have fallen into decay.

The Buddhist approach to ethical and social issues relating to abortion is based on the concept on compassion.Legislation is, in one point of view, to be considered as an attempt to provide against the excesses of this deplorable mistake.It could be argued that killing to relieve suffering is a far higher motive than killing for food, given in particular that it is possible to survive without consuming animals.At this day, his name is connected with the devotional feelings of two hundred millions of the race of man.The demagogues of the infant republic of the Christian sect, attaining through eloquence or artifice, to influence amongst its members, first violated (under the pretence of watching over their integrity) the institutions established for the common and equal benefit of all.

Jesus Christ asserts that these appearances are fallacious, and that a gloomy and cold imagination alone suggests the conception that thought can cease to be.He everywhere represents this Power as something mysteriously and illimitably pervading the frame of things.In Judges Abimelech pleaded with his armour-bearer to put him to death after he had been hit on the head by a millstone because he did not want to suffer the shame of being killed by the woman who had dropped the stone on him.It is however not easy to simplify what the Bible state concerning abortion, several scholars has indicated that it is not easy to determine the real knowledge on the matters relating to abortion.It is not to be believed that the most prominent group of this picture, which is framed so heart-moving and lovely — the accomplishment of all human hope, the extinction of all morbid fear and anguish — would consist of millions of sensitive beings enduring, in every variety of torture which Omniscient vengeance could invent, immortal agony.

It is however clear that there has been no clear church teaching on this matter, there has been lots of argument at what point does a fetus become a human being.Wheel within wheel, the vast machine was instinct with the restless spirit of desolation.The Boswell Thesis: Essays on Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality ed. by Mathew Kuefler (review).Two thousand years ago, when Jesus delivered his teachings and the Christian faith was born, medical science was in its infancy.In these cases, a woman was not disgraced after having an abortion unless she went against the advice of a professional.Hence, without graduating human society into a scale of empire and subjection, its very existence has become impossible.The decisions should be made by the patient if he is competent and able or, if not, by those legally entitled to act for the patient, whose reasonable will and legitimate interests must always be respected.

The Christian view is that God has endowed mankind with certain unalienable rights, and that that the first and most important of these is the right to life itself.The Catechism of the Catholic Church sets down the following implacable principle.Too mean-spirited and too feeble in resolve to attempt the conquest of their own evil passions, and of the difficulties of the material world, men sought dominion over their fellow-men, as an easy method to gain that apparent majesty and power which the instinct of their nature requires.It is not too much to assert that they have been the doctrines of every just and compassionate mind that ever speculated on the social nature of man.Another reason that the masses liked the Christian religion was because they had instant access for talking to god.The Christian view is well articulated by Gilbert Meilaender in the following extract.

Christians would contend, for example that many people given time to contemplate as they ail on their deathbed have been brought closer to Christ, and that the experience of seeing someone in such a position may bring the observer closer to Christ.It is the characteristic of a cold and tame spirit to imagine that such doctrines as Jesus Christ promulgated are destined to follow the fortunes and share the extinction of a popular religion.I have been a Christian since 1993 (turning to Christ at age 18).No mistake is more to be deplored than the conception that a system of morals and religion should derive any portion of its authority either from the circumstance of its novelty or its antiquity, that it should be judged excellent, not because it is reasonable or true, but because no person has ever thought of it before, or because it has been thought of from the beginning of time.Nothing is more obviously false than that the remedy for the inequality among men consists in their return to the condition of savages and beasts.