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The CT scanner emits a series of thin X-ray beams that pass through the body at different angles.On X-rays, they appear as a spur on the bottom or back of the heel bone (calcaneus).

Osteoarthritis - Osteoarthritis is primary arthritis of the joint and may be related to family history.An orthopedic surgeon is either a Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who has completed a.This can occur in athletes who are trying to push their performance to a higher level, or in a non-athlete who suddenly increases the amount of walking in a day.Diabetic foot - Diabetes affects the feet in a profound way and can lead to foot disease, fractures and ulcers.

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Corns can also form on the sole of the foot when deformity of the toes is present, most commonly on the ball of the foot.

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If you need a working knowledge of orthopaedic terminology you.Much research is focused on diagnosis and treatment of Charcot fractures in the foot and ankle.Tendons can tear or rupture if they are pulled too hard by the muscle or if they degenerate.Orthopedics is the field of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of the musculosketetal system, particularly the spine, joints, and muscles.Heel pain - Pain in the heel can stem from a number of problems.

A Manual of Orthopaedic Terminology by Fred R. T. Nelson, 9780323045032, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) This is the ligament that connects the back of the.

Welcome to OrthoInfo, the patient information web site of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.An acute, recurrent inflammatory infection transmitted through the bite of an infected deer tick.Usually the foot is tightly and rigidly twisted downward at the ankle and inward at the heel and midfoot.The Achilles tendon attaches to the back of the calcaneus, and the plantar fascia attaches to the bottom of the calcaneus.Understandable to the lay reader and the professional with new illustrations, formatting, and tables clarifying disease processes.Intoeing - Intoeing means that the feet curve inward instead of pointing straight ahead when walking or running.Reprinted with Permission from Grand Valley State University.

What are some commonly used Orthopaedic terms that we hear in our marketplace.Mallet toe generally leads to a painful callus on the tip of the toe.Many people believe a bunion is a growing bone spur, but it is usually the result of an imbalance of the muscles that pull on the big toe, which causes the big toe joint to slip out of place.Lateral malleolus - The end of the fibula, the most prominent bone on the outside of the ankle.Glossary of Orthopaedic Terms provided by Perimeter Orthopaedics, founded by orthopaedic surgeon Dr.

Mallet toe - Mallet toe is a deformity of a lesser toe similar to a hammer toe but with less of a curvature of the toe.Other pain-causing conditions include Achilles tendinitis, stress fracture, peroneal tendonitis and others.Heel spur - Heel spurs are commonly associated with plantar fasciitis.

Injections and other Procedures Treatments of the Ankle Treatments of the Big Toe Treatments of the Heel Treatments of the Midfoot Treatments of the Smaller Toes.Clubfoot - Clubfoot is a condition where the foot is malformed at birth.Read A Manual of Orthopaedic Terminology E-Book by Carolyn Taliaferro Blauvelt with Kobo.Knee Injury medical glossary includes a list of Knee Injury related medical definitions from the MedTerms.com medical dictionary.Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy - A new technology using shock waves to treat chronic, painful conditions of the musculoskeletal system.Treatment depends on the severity of the condition and the amount of foot deformity that is present.

CT scan - Also knowns as a computerized tomography scan, a CT scan is a special X-ray that uses X-ray images in conjunction with a computer to produce a series of two-dimensional pictures of the body.

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Sprained ankle - A rupture of one or more of the ligaments that surround the ankle.