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The issue on term limits for Congress has been an ongoing debate for years now and with some advocates proposing for its enactment, the controversial topic has again.

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However this is the same argument against regulating money in politics.Congressional Term Limits. limits for Congress, including pros and cons.Of course the argument against restrictions on lobbyists is that it shifts lobbying underground.So if they can get enough of them to win then they get a bill passed that is favorable to them.But pay attention, because sometimes close ties is what voters want.Any legislator can request a bill be written for them that does certain things.If senators have 2 term limits and house members have 6 term limits, they both cap out at 12 years.

If a government body consistently has to break in new members and teach them the ropes, this cuts down on the amount of time that can be spent on real work.Term limits for Congress limits the chances of someone growing into their position and becoming even better at it.

A growing faction favors term limits for committee leaders. making versus powerful voting blocs like the Congressional Black Caucus and the.

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Chief among the arguments for a two-term limit for presidents is the idea that a.

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The common sense of term limits. that we will support a constitutional amendment for term limits on members of Congress. - Congressional Term Limits (Pros Yes. No. The current Congress is a dismal failure and is desperate need of new ideas, procedures, and influence.

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Voters in eight of these states approved the congressional term limits by an average.See what the pros and cons. at the pros and cons of term limits for Congress. Q:.No - in fact we welcome and encourage any viewpoint to engage in discussion.

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Rogich said term limits would open the judiciary to new blood and force those who desire careers as.

Actually, limiting the amount of money in politics would probably serve better in maximizing the time available for lawmaking.

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That being said, my opinion may be biased because I lived in a state with term limits.Congressional term limits will move us even further along the path to an administrative republic.All posts are reviewed by the moderators for compliance with these rules prior to appearing online.We do not allow overly broad questions, solicitations of pure opinion, surveys, requests to explain public opinion or media coverage, posts about other subreddits, or meta posts.

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Tracking money sounds great, but no country is capable of doing so perfectly.Also, lobbyism has the legitimate function of making the concerns of groups known to lawmakers.


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