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The commission recommended that the federal government not fund any project that deliberately creates embryonic stem cells for research purposes only (NBAC report 5).The commission believed that it was important to get as clear a picture as possible on both the ethical and scientific issues surrounding stem cell research.

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I contacted President Obama to be their voice and the critical stem cell research we need to find the cures.The policy of most individual states also permits private funding for the use of embryonic stem cells for the purpose of research, although a few states have banned the continuation of research techniques.

Is Islam compatible with democracy: Is Islamic fundamentalism rising around the world.The Stem Cells used in our treatment. the United States for Stem Cell research and.

Fertility patients approve donating embryos to stem cell research,.Reply HGYSTG 1 0 (Maximum 900 words) Submit It will help many people Imagine.One conditional argument is that stem cell research is ok, only if donated or especially developed embryos are used.

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Reply FluffBucket emmasophie 2 0 (Maximum 900 words) Submit DEFINITELY NOT RIGHT When we use stem cell research, it is practically the same thing as aborting a baby.

They also found though that many of the groups disagreed as to what form of respect and type of protection the embryos should get.In this post, I will argue the principality of stem cell research.

The Facts: The Science of Stem Cells and Stem Cell Research 5.There are several reasons for larger lines of stem cells outside the United States.Yet, many of those same individuals acknowledge and approve of in vitro fertilization (the implantation of a human embryo created in a Petri dish) for those who are genetically incapable of having children.Children with Muscular Dystrophy and other diseases that rob their lives.In addition to extra eggs from vitro fertilization sometimes umbilical cord blood and placenta.

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President Clinton and his administration realized this need for government control over stem cell research and issued a letter on November 14,1998 to the chairman of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC), James Childress, Ph.D. In this letter to Dr.The commission found that it is acceptable for the government to fund embryonic cell research, as long as the embryos are surplus embryos left over from fertility treatments.They believe that this embryo is entitled to the same rights a grown person is allowed (Mitchell 1).

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In response to this, some would say that embryonic stem cell research is completely immoral.For example, I know that there are stem cells in adult humans, they should be used instead of embryos because they can be harvested without the death of the donor.Reply HGYSTG 1 0 (Maximum 900 words) Submit It should be a choice.The religion of Islam favors the stance that scientific research and development in terms of stem cell research is allowed as long as it.They came to these recommendations only if certain guidelines as well as safeguards are in place.

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The destruction of a life which has begun to live is often far more solemn than the destruction of a life which has yet to step into this world.Stem cell research also holds many possibilities for curing diseases, injuries, and physical disabilities.Religion is nothing more than a control system, for the mentally weak.The interest was in the use of human stem cells to treat possibly every disease and disorder known to humans.