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The article must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs (lead, body and concluding paragraphs) and include a photo with a caption.His hopelessness in this situation showed a more complex personality towards Andy.

All anyone sees him as, is a member of the gang called the Royals.It is also effective because it shows how much Andy misses Laura.

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Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this answer and thousands more.The jacket being a symbol of prejudgment, determines the way society sees Andy.He lies on the sidewalk in the rain feeling proud of himself for taking an attack from his rival.

For example, if Andy was lying in a field with the sun shining brightly, the reader might not feel as frightened while reading the story.4.6 - 5 Votes 170: Babae ka inang laya analysis essay revirement de jurisprudence dissertation abstracts about a boy belonging essays gun violence in chicago essays...One of the ways hunter builds suspense is through his dramatic and clever use of language.Picasso at the lapin agile essay writing an essay about my school virginia woolf modern fiction essay thesis.

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In conclusion, we feel sorry for Andy even though he was a member of a violent gang because he shows how much he misses Laura and no one who saw Andy lying there helped him.

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In this story, the setting makes a huge difference to the power of the book.

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Furthermore, welders must never obstruct the plot formula and is it a lot.Andy is angry at everyone for not giving him a chance because of how people identify him.ON THE SIDEWALK BLEEDING by Evan Hunter. He lay on the sidewalk with the March rain drilling his jacket and drilling his body and washing away the blood that.

The quote proves that Andy is hopeless because he could not even seem to do something as simple as cry for help.

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In another quote, it states clearly that he lay in pain waiting eagerly for someone to aid him.The two teens did not want to get mixed up in between these two gangs.

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Interestingly enough, Hunter seems to suggest that there is a paradoxical aspect within this construction of identity.He only joined the Royal because he wanted people to know him.

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They were to have children together and move into a new house together.

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Instead is only filled with an overwhelming sadness that his life is coming to a short end.