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In order to demonstrate this cause, the difference between illegal and legal substances (specifically alcohol and marijuana) must be abolished.Some cancer causing chemicals that are found in tobacco smoke are also found in marijuana smoke.

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The use of marijuana for medical purposes dates back centuries to doctors of the western hemisphere.A big issue in this country today is the personal use of marijuana.This may be because of the cultural diversity that the United States of America is known for.Farmers can get a license to grow cannabis only from the DEA, Drug Enforcement Administration, but they have continued to reject authorization for major hemp, or marijuana, farming (NORML, n.d.). All kinds of money can be found in cannabis, but it seems that the government would rather spend money, and prevent themselves from making money.However, based on its economic value and medical benefits, the cannabis has proven to outweigh its negatives with numerous other positives.Against the legalization of marijuana Should marijuana be legalized.

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Naturally, i have been working on an essay on obesity by paul armentano.There is a large history about how marijuana became illegal in the United States.

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Over a dozen other states have decriminalized possession of small amounts and Massachusetts recently became the 18th state to allow its use for medicinal purposes.The reason for this is once you try a drug, you then make yourself more exposed to trying new drugs, or just looking for a new and or more exciting high (NIDA, 2004).Legalization of marijuana argumentative essay - Professionally crafted and custom academic writings.

Yet most states still have not legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.

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In addition to this, the government, as an investor, is in a rather unique position.Check out our legalizing marijuana legalization essay and use it for your.Marijuana use is on the rise, especially among teenagers and young adults.People who smoke marijuana often develop a breathing problem, such as coughing and wheezing (NIDA, 2004).

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And since alcohol and tobacco, two life threatening substances, are legal it is a relevant question to ask why marijuana is illegal.Though drugs play an important role in the medical field today and are being prescribed more and more by doctors, there are those consumers that abuse the use of these drugs.

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The short-term effects of marijuana use are more predictable than the long-term effects.Billy Bob Joe Good Example Persuasive Speech Outline Purpose: To persuade my audience to: support the legalization of marijuana, because of it being able to provide.

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Effects can range from, some people experience nothing at all to some people undergoing a relaxed or calm feeling.I think marijuana should be legalized in the United States for medicinal purposes and recreational purposes as well, but with certain stipulations.

Each student will choose one topic and write a four to six page paper (maximum 7 pages) covering the.

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Now, as more of our generation begins to enter the political world we are seeing a change in policies that have held firm for almost a century.More specifically, we are seeing a change in the attitude toward marijuana and whether or not it should be legalized.The laws in states of California and Michigan differ greatly.

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All in all, marijuana is a good resource for the industrial and medical world.

The reason that it was illegal was because the ill effects of alcohol led many people to fight for the prohibition cause.Thesis Statement: My persuasive speech is on the topic of Marijuana Legalization. When some. people hear this their.It is currently illegal in Canada and England, and is not-prosecuted in Switzerland, but they are all currently under evaluation by the government and may be liberalized (NORML, n.d.). It is illegal in Sweden and the United States.

The Harrison Act of 1914 made it where a non-medical person cannot buy or possess any marijuana under the National Firearms Act and the Marijuana Tax Act.The recreational use of marijuana has become legal (depending on your definition) in Colorado and Washington.If marijuana were to be legalized then the whole loss of all these factors would be the real heartbreaker.It was classified as an illegal drug by many countries, including the US in the 20th century.

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So it is safe to assume that although marijuana use may decrease in the years to come, as did Heroin and LSD, it is here to stay.The THC in marijuana is able to give both a relaxing and an alert effect on the body.Marijuana is currently an illegal substance made from the dry leaves of a hemp plant.Statistics show that over 70 million Americans have tried Marijuana and over 20 million smoked it last year.Not like other drugs, such as cocaine and heroin because they have certain chemicals that are harmful.There is also a greater risk of obtaining an illness, such as a chest cold.When driving after smoking marijuana your response time is slowed down tremendously.

The legalization of cannabis, much better known as marijuana, is one of the most controversially discussed issues in our country today.