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They can be called by the mediator or by one of the parties to work out problems that occur during the mediation process.By examining several case studies, the author illustrates why each of the skills is important and how it is used in real conflict situations.The ZOPA is critical to the successful outcome of negotiation, but it may take some time to determine whether a ZOPA exists.Bridge building, or the act of building relationships, takes place all around us, sometimes without us even perceiving it.But, Mediterranean, Arab, and Latin American cultures allow more touching.

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This essay describes some of the common causes underlying many intractable conflicts.

They wholeheartedly believe in the old way of doing things and were resistant to change.Propaganda -- Propaganda involves the obscuring, manipulating, or misconstruing of information for political gain.Dealing with Extremists -- In large-scale conflicts there are often individuals who take militant, non-compromising, and often violent approaches to the problem.But intractable conflicts usually need a much more comprehensive approach.

This article gives one definition of civility, along with recommendations about how to attain it.This essay examines how, over time, incremental improvements can result in significant positive change.

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Usually there is arguing, yelling or disagreeing which can make others feel uncomfortable.International Law International Law -- International law is the attempt to manage conflict between countries.Revenge and the Backlash Effect -- Most people hate to be forced to do things against their will.

Conflict is a breakdown in the decision making process where an alternative cannot be chosen.Moral or Value Conflicts -- Intractable moral conflicts tend to arise when one group views the beliefs and actions of another group as being so fundamentally evil that they exceed the bounds of tolerance.Delegitimization is one of the major forces that feeds violence and prevents a peaceful resolution.The vote of a person who strongly supports the issue, counts the same as the individual who is virtually indifferent.Though international conflicts, such as Israel-Palestine quickly come to mind, domestic issues such as the abortion controversy, and even some marital relations are quite intractable as well.Adjudication -- Adjudication is a judicial procedure for resolving a dispute.Peacebuilding and Reconciliation Stage -- In long-running inter-group conflicts, after successful negotiation, peacebuilding and reconciliation is necessary to prevent a return to the conflict.All interventions should have a theory of change, and should assess its validity by outcome evaluations as much as possible.In many societies, there is a perpetual struggle between those at the top and those at the bottom, with equality a very elusive goal.

Similarly, the absence of the rule of law is often implicated as a source of violence, human rights violations, and intractability.Aggression -- This essay explores the debate over aggression, asking whether it is an instinct, a reaction or a learned response.

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Settlement Stage -- The settlement stage marks the end of the active conflict.

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If these dynamics are not recognized and addressed it will become difficult or impossible to resolve the conflict.Scapegoating can prolong conflict and lead to intense violence.Complexity Complexity -- Complexity refers to the numbers and interrelationships of factors involved in a conflict: the numbers of parties, issues, technical facts, etc.

This essay discusses the role that religion plays in the creation and support of intractable conflicts.Some theorists argue that most intractable conflicts are caused by the drive to satisfy unmet needs.

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This essay explores the difficulties in creating such a system.Land and Property Rights in the Peace Process -- Land and property rights disputes can be very difficult to resolve, especially in transitional societies where land ownership is murky.Recently, they have been purposefully employed as tools to promote empathy between adversaries and to help people heal from past trauma.Conflict Resolution Many people enjoy working or participating in a group or team, but when a group of people work together chances are that conflicts will occur.Thus, restorative justice requires an apology from the offender, restitution for the victim, and forgiveness of the offender by the victim.

Enjoy free essays, examples of research papers, sample term papers, free dissertation samples and paper writing tips for all students.The Knowledge Base offers a free and jargon free exploration of the many issues that any serious solve to address the intractable conflict problem will have to address.Here any students can find useful essay writing tips which will help you with writing your paper.Suggested pages for those who would like a quick introduction to Knowledge Base content.Media Strategies -- The media can be used for good or bad in conflict processes.Track I - Track II Cooperation -- The prevention and resolution of complex conflicts depends on a the efforts of both officials (track one) and non-officials (track two).

The other party is asked to indicate which to the proposals they prefer.This essay examines the risks and benefits of tactical escalation and offers suggestions on how the risks can be minimized.Transitional Justice Truth Commissions -- Truths commissions are official groups endowed with the authority to extensively investigate the human rights abuses and war crimes committed in a specific country or region during a specified time period.Examples include strikes, boycotts, marches, and demonstrations--social, economic, or political acts that are intended to convince the opponent to change their behavior without using violent force.

They have expert writers from all areas of masters level and I to tackle any academic.Codes of conduct are guidelines governing the way dispute resolution practitioners deal with these issues.Every conflict resolution process needs a solid base of facts to stand on, however it is often difficult to obtain accurate facts.It also explores questions that remain about their contributions to international relations, conflict prevention, and peace.Within-Party Differences Within-Party Differences -- It is common to assume that the views of a few outspoken members of a group reflect the views of the entire group, i.e. all Christians think the same.This essay explores the factors that transform such tensions into an active conflict.The Scale-Up Problem -- Much conflict resolution takes place around the table or in small-group processes.

This essay examines the many benefits and costs of globalization, and considers how it might be directed to maximize benefits while minimizing costs.International War Crimes Tribunals -- These are tribunals designed to prosecute war crimes such as genocide, torture, and rape.

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Conflict Resolution - This essay seeks to demonstrate what are some of the strategies used by companies when searching.Negotiation Strategies Negotiation Strategies -- Most literature on negotiation focuses on two strategies, cooperative bargaining versus competitive bargaining.The process usually focuses on human needs and is more analytical than other similar approaches.Peacebuilding Peacebuilding -- Peacebuilding is a long-term process that occurs after violent conflict has stopped.Unlike peacemaking, which involves negotiating a resolution to the issues in conflict, the goal of peacekeeping is simply preventing further violence.Applied domestically to labor-management and workplace disputes, it also is applied at a national level to help societies develop new conflict management procedures and entire justice systems as part of the democratization process.

At this stage the parties have two options, continue to bleed each other dry or look towards resolution.This essay describes what witnesses can do and how they can do it.Handling intractable conflict is a learned skill, the more we know, the better we will be able to protect our community and our personal interests.Cultural and Worldview Frames -- People from different cultures often have such radically different worldviews that what seems like common sense to one side, is anything but sensible to the other.Justice Conflicts -- Perceived injustice is a frequent source of conflict.Even if a voting method is agreed on, it my not yield a decision or may not yield a dingle decision.Oppression and Conflict Oppression and Conflict: Introduction -- Oppression is at the root of many of the most serious, enduring conflicts in the world today.Into-the-Sea Framing -- When a conflict becomes intractable, many people hope that their enemy will simply disappear.